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Join The Freedom Party. Your Soul Will Be Tested Here...
Learn Your Rights. Found Your Own Sovereign Society, Then join other sovereigns to protect freedom globally with real programs via United Sovereign Empires Association. :)
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To Help Our Students, Graduates & Empire!

Founded March 28, 2016.

Competent Heir University
(Competent Heir - Reference: 1925 Administration Of Estates Act)
Graduating/Certificate Can Take Only 
3 Letters & 50 Days! 
It Is Easy As Easy As 1,2,3,4.....

1) Enroll & Study From Home 

2) Download Our Templates In Course

3) Fill In The Blanks To Our Templates & Watch Videos

4) Mail The Documents You Filled In

We Educate All, In Natural Law Birth Rights.
A University For All Ages & All Education Levels.
Start With Nothing | Retire 2-5 Years After Graduation.
Knowing Your Birth Rights Is Your Key To Success In Time, Love, Health and Wealth!
WE PROUDLY SUPPORT THE MESSAGE WITH IN THIS SONG. We Teach You What The PH.D. System DOES NOT, Deliberately. The Current PH.D. The Public Fool System, Lies To You. Equals Need No License To Work. Results Are Credibility. We Teach You What Matters The Most!

Reality When You Graduate Curriculum Designed By Over 400 Experts, Many With Masters Degrees


Peace Maker Society Empire entrusted our University with their results. They had over 400 experts & masters Degrees help design the information you learn from us! Enjoy!

Advocate Graduate Saves Family From CFS


One of our graduates, was able to help a man stand up to a C.F.S. worker, who was unlawfully trying to harass that man about his child, when he caused no harm. Know Your Rights! They are law.

"Your Freedom Your Way"

How To Rights Package

Emailed To You When You Enroll. Free!

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