You are about to embark on the most amazing journey of your entire life. 

Some people bring up the cost of the course. IT IS for Peace Maker Society Global Maximum Empowerment Sacred Freedom & Rights Membership! We remind them, they get out of all Income Tax, Legal Debts, Bill Agents & Record Ownership of Property, well worth price/Min Gift of admission WHICH IS NOW JUST $1000. We are also so proud to have designed this education so you can have income as you run your society with our proven programs. The Franchise Programs are included with your course. 


I am truly proud to welcome you to Competent Heir Degree Course.

You are about to join the great list of leaders throughout history who have used the principles and proven knowledge we teach, to create some of the biggest industries you use to this very day.


What makes learning from us so much better than what was achieved in the past by previous generations, is that you get to do it better. Most of what was written was from a long time ago. We have been given, as you will be as you graduate, an updated version, all proven, by a private society over the past 10 years.


The results we teach, are what make us so credible. Silicon Valley calls this sector Dynamic Forms of Governance. It is said to be the first Trillion Dollar per year industry. What we teach makes you competent to compete in any and all industries. We teach you how to be competent in all you do, and how to build those operating systems, into any kind of time, health, love or wealth you wish.


When you have done that step or section, email us your work or results, we will grade it and if done correctly pass you. Then you do the next course section. Once you do the last section and pass, you get your degree emailed out to you.


I guarantee you will have every advantage in life, when you graduate and apply what we teach you.

To graduate, you will have already done, all the paperwork, ground work, financial work you need, to be free for life. No more boss, no one who can fire you, no more money or debt problems, no more abuse issues, as you will know, what to do, always. Enjoy making your life, family, community etc., what you know it should be, rather than what others tell you, you can or can't have. Equals never ask permission, we Record Ownership & Rights by serving notice, using due process. Harm none, and bill those who violate us. Namaste.



A Message To New, Existing & Future Students of Competent Heir Degree course.


Do you understand what part of the website to go to first? You just go to


Then you go over to the Competent Heir Degree Course heading. Start in first heading, read it, study it until you understand it, then do course 1, follow the website directions. Once you have done that section of the course, do the next step.


Then when you have done that step, do the next course section. Let me know if that makes sense to you?



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Marcel of the family Bessette

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