What Is Identity?

MMike Cook a lawyer told us one time, identity equals jurisdiction in court. Remember this always.

You may be surprised you have two identities. You have a family/community identity and then you have a corporate citizen identity which has been stripped of rights, for the corporation posing unlawfully as government privileges.

You have the right to not contract, or to contract with All Rights Reserved. Under your own rights and law, you need no permission to do any lawful act. Under legality, you always need permission, as they stripped you of rights, for benefits, privileges. Why they can abuse you, and not pay you. Have your own properly set up society, they owe you big time! Anyone who orders you to do anything, without proper notice is violating Due Process.

Welcome Students To:

All Rights Reserved Identity Documents.

Process To Have Standing To Create ID.

You can create just personal privateIdentification. It is far more effective and intimidating to the system if you have a society under which to do your private/family/community I.D. Documents. Three Witnesses or any Notary makes your id document lawful.

This makes you your own nation as long as you are unregistered unincorporated and cause no unlawful harm to the life, liberty, property or rights of others. This makes you correct to Natural Law, which is the global foundation for all law. Any individual can be weak, but a group is much stronger.

Your Name Defined Family vs Legal Personhood.

Your family name is written like this.
You have a family and given name.
John-Ryan:Smith or John of the family Smith
Or John otf Smith.

Corporations use first and last names. Bankrupt Corporations use ALL CAPITALS.Corporation posing as government agents will tell you it’s just how the computer system is, it doesn't mean anything. They are just grammatically ignorant in fact.

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Peace Maker Society Empire Competent Law Jurisdiction.

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