Banking Administrative Process For Debt

Overview - Banking Admin Process - Debt

There is a process which banks use to validate or reject any debt. It is known as the Banking Administrative Process. You accept all alleged debt in the following phrase. I conditionally accept, upon proof of claim. To our understanding, all contracts or debts are invalid, as no one explained your citizen corporation status or the loss of rights that entails.


Valid Requirements Every Debt Must Meet To Not Be Considered A Fraud:

1) Validation of debt (the actual accounting paperwork)

2) Verification of their claim against you. (A sworn affidavit or a signed invoice)

3) A copy of the lawfully valid and binding contract both parties signed.


Any Debt or Contract which does not meet these terms is unenforceable in law in fact. 


If anyone harasses you with unlawful debts, or contract claims, when you refute this with litigation, you can then bill them your FEE SCHEDULE for wasting your time.

How To Use Banking Admin Process

Valid Requirements Every Contract Must Meet To Not Be Considered A Fraud:

1) Full Disclosure (meaning who ever got you to contract explained their corporate status, and all details of the contract, including your right to cancel, number of days, their agent number etc.)

2) Equal consideration (meaning they offer you something of substance or value in the contract. Government agents offer no value to you as all legality is fraud in contract inflicted upon free people who do not comprehend how it works, or speak legalese the jargon lawyers and judges use in contracts which is fraud unless you also speak legalese fluently.)

3) Lawful terms and conditions (every contract the GOVERNMENT OF CANADA INC. has is a fraud as with every nation operating under the central banking system.)

4) Signatures of both parties/meeting of the minds. (The signatures to be valid must be given without threat, force, intimidation, and without holding someone hostage until they sign. You must comprehend what is taking place in the contract to have a meeting of the minds.)

Corporations Posing

As Governments:No Gaurdian

Of Your Rights - Freedom!


Bill of Service/Placing Liens
You can look up Bill of Service Templates online. Any will do, just itemize the offenses and list the charge to who injured you. Reference your claim of right FEE SCHEDULE for what to bill. It is at your discretion up to a million dollars per infraction. We use Ten Thousand Dollars per hour or offense up to a million depending on damages we can prove. 

Lien experts we met with, gave us detailed instructions on how to do U.C.C Liens. Please look at them now in the Your Freedom, Your Way "How To" Rights Package you recieved via email when you enrolled with your welcome letter and course codes.

Valid Debt/ Contract Requirements

How to know if your being Unlawfully forced to contract or Unlawfully  ordered to pay debts by  POLICE, LAWYERS, LAW COURTS, BANKS, CFS, or any other government agency working under CANADA INCORPORATED!!!


You must understand that if you use government identification, you are a Citizen of a foreign corporation, which is different from being a free. All government I.D. is a contract with a corporate state which was never explained to you. For any contract or debt to be valid it must meet the below listed requirements. There are no exceptions to this and any debt or contract which does not meet these requirements is not valid, is not lawfully enforceable, is illegal, and in fact you do not have pay or do anything.

CANADA INC. (a foreign corporation whose business address is in Washington D.C., and is a corporation on file with the U.S. security and exchange commission),

POLICE INC. (CAA a Practical Guide for All Canadians, You and Your Rights book quote “The British North America Act” places responsibility for local government on the provincial legislatures. They set up the network of semi-independent corporations-the county (or region), township, metropolis, city, town and village-which usually provide transportation, police protection…..),

LAWYERS INC. (are in fact a corporate agent and swear oath to the CROWN CORPORATION, this oath supersedes any loyalty to you and all criminal charges are corporate bills for violating corporate rules, they are not real law, but the law of a private corporation),

LAW COURTS INC. (as listed on Dunn and Bradstreet) (Also why no innocent plea in court or jury for the most part, only guilty or not guilty which is how you plea in admiralty courts or a corporations court, as well as the corporate defense lawyer happily grants the judge corporate personal jurisdiction over your rights and is required to through oath and will never explain this to you.

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