Building Credit/Banking:

Gives You Access To More Money

/Building Credit Guide
Personal Credit


Are you ready for some really great news? We are going to teach you, how to build great credit.

Even if you have the worst credit in the world, this will help to improve it. 


As you get credit cards, lines of credit, loans etc. You can put these into your own society. If those contracts ever do not meet the terms of a valid agreement, and you no longer with to deal with that institution, you may decide to use banking administrative process to get out of those debts.


When you have a society that will own your assets. So in reality, your personal credit rating does not matter that much anymore. It is always nice to have good credit. If you have poor personal credit, and it's to messed up to fix for at least the next few to seven years. You will be happy in the next section.


It will explain, how to use society credit. We hope you are enjoying your education. If you have comments or suggestions please feel free to email us at



/Building Credit Guide
Society Credit

The best news is, no matter how you do personally, your own society, will have it's own credit rating, as it is a separate entity in law, than yourself, even if you are the signatory to it. Your personal credit has no bearing on your society what so ever.


You can use Secure Credit Cards to build your society credit rating in the beginning. Also ensure you pay your bills in your society name always to keep your rating doing well. You can have multiple societies, and multiple lines of credit. This can help you get to your goals of land ownership faster. Or help launch programs which you know will return money instantly when orders are placed or shifts are worked by staff etc. Welcome to the rich and powerful club.

Banking Admin Process Debt

Conditionally Accept Debt Upon Proof Of Claim.

Counter Bill False Debts.

Use Credit To Get Ahead.

Always Pay Society Debts

Credit For Extra Money

Use Credit For Inventory

Use Bank Admin Process For Debt To Get Out Unlawful Legal Debts

Manifest Your Reality/Freedom

Can Retire In 2 - 5 Years

             Or Not As It's So Fun!

Enroll In Your Next Course Now!

Banking - Language To Use To Be Credible

No Boss - As you’re A Boss Now

Never Get Fired! Popular or Not!

Unregistered Unincorporated Society.


Sovereign Association Bank Account for Unincorporated Lodges, Societies, Associations.

Time Is Your Own In Every Way


Competent Heir Degree Equals

Success In Time, Love, Health & Wealth. Enjoy It!

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03 / Your Society Website & Global Money Funding

Why Your Society Needs A Website

Credit alone is not enough. You will need real money coming in. Credit can get you a few steps ahead in what you need, but you must be able to convert that to cash gifts.


This is where your society having its own bank account complete with online banking comes in. Your online banking account is then connected to your online website/PayPal account.


You can now accept tax free money in the form of gifts between independents globally. 1000 members at $25/month = $25,000/Mo tax free. 


You can also start programs, events, merchandise. The sky is the limit!

Global Markets

When you set up your own unregistered unincorporated society. When it is correct as we teach you to be, to natural law, corporate law, common law etc.  This form of society has the instant ability to be global.


That and your website, makes this one of the most exciting times to have your own society. You don't need armies, naval fleets to reach the other side of the globe, you just need your website. A bank account with online banking. 


Now you have the wealth of the world at your disposal. If you do your branding, marketing and management correctly.

Global Funding

No one is better or smarter than you. If you want to achieve what they did, use your time as they do, and you will win.


The next step is to understand, nothing is ever ideal, you must start now! Then you make it ideal.


When you graduate as a Competent Heir with our Degree to prove you did the steps required. You are now a king or queen in the world. You are now free to manifest the world as you see fit, without harming others of course. You have real power in law, to change or fix anything you wish. To the extent law and the rights of others allow. This is true freedom, wealth and how anyone can make their dreams come true!