Community Court System

What Is A Law Court

You must understand, there is no justice in any corporation posing as government law courts building. They only commercially charge people, why there is no innocent plea, it's guilty or not guilty. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
To found or be a judge in law, you must be Competent Commercially. This means operating Unregistered, Unincorporated, Fully Liable Commercially For Any Unlawful Harm, as well as under your sworn oath, upon penalty of perjury. Not one member of the legal community operates this way. Legality is just limited liability contract, a fraud in contract, no meeting of the minds.


Any society or community has the right to their own court system which is based on natural or community law. 


The current corporate courts are a fraud in every way. They are contract, which does not meet the terms of a valid agreement, debt or anything else. You never owe any allegiance to a fraud. Nor can any fraud be lawful. Fraud is when contract is used unlawfully to cause harm without full disclosure or a meeting of the minds.

Are Legal Courts Actually Lawful?

NO, not in any size shape or form. Legal court with just a not guilty or guilty plea ARE UNLAWFUL! They are lawlessness with no regard for law.


For any judge or court to be valid in law, they must be unregistered unincorporated and fully liable for their actions/decisions. They must also do any judgement under FULL COMMERCIAL LIABILITY upon penalty of perjury under oath or attestation. 


Bar lawyers, their judges etc... All swear allegiance to the crown or corporate state. They scam you out of rights, give the judge personal jurisdiction in most cases, and there is no innocent plea.


They basically charge you money for a legal offense. Then if you pay that, you do not go to jail. Jails are debtor prisons, for those who did not pay the commercial charge or debt. Its how some people pay to get away with murder. While others go to jail.


There is no justice in any commercial court, nor is there any actual law. Legality is NOT LAW, its unlawful corporate contract!


I will include another series of videos, with good sound quality we did, breaks down the overview of how this jurisdiction applies to you and others, to the extent you wish, or to set up your own of course. Links below.
Interview By Rhandi Shannon and experts of Peace Maker Society.. Rhandi ran for U.S. Senate - Call in show, beeps are people joining the show, from around the world.
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Being A Chief Justice & Court (How To)

If you are an unregistered unincorporated fully liable signatory to your own society. If you understand due process and how to not cause harm while you exercise it. You could be a chief justice.


Due process is the judgement when done correctly. As you are an unregistered unincorporated signatory to your private self-governing society who understands and uses due process correctly. You are or can be the chief justice to your society.


It is the process which makes you a judge. Plus the willingness to be, as it is not mandatory. You can always have someone else be chief justice to your society if you wish.


This is the same basis to open a private unregistered unincorporated law firm of layman and laywoman advocate representatives.


Quick Overview Types of Law:

Natural Law (Foundation to All Law)

Private Society Law

Act & Statutes (Form of corporate law)

Legality (Corporate Law)

Cannon Law (Laws for Religions)

U.C.C. Law (Security Interests/Law of Money

Contract Law

Advocacy Litigation Document

Personal Liability All

Corporation Posing As Government Agents

Community Court Invitation
(How We Learned)
Proof To Show Any Skeptics.