Complete Mastermind

(Off Radar- Multiple Valid Identities)

/  Complete Mastermnd/ OVERVIEW


Hello, and congratulations on making it this far. This portion of the degree program is where we put all you have learned together, along with a few things, you are just now going to learn.


Everything in this section is lawful, as long as you cause no harm, and do not defraud anyone. You have every right to use privacy and remedy in law to protect yourself, your assets and loves ones.


Here we go. So to start off with, this is for if you want to be invisible, and are just you, without help from people you may know. 


Key Points - Ingredients To This Section:

- Use Family & Given Name To Found Your Own Society. 

- Use Society Identity/Current Legal I.D. To Open Bank Accounts Etc.

- Now Change Legal Name/Birth Certificate, With All Rights Reserved, (To Make Legal System Out Of Date)

- Use HQ of your society, as home address always, for any and all mail. (You’re Right)

- Build Credit With Secure Credit Cards (anyone can get them, with deposit, from any bank)

- Get Credit Cards With Nice Credit Amounts. Use Just To Build Credit, 

- Take Cash From Cards, To Buy Land, Invest In Sure Fire Programs We Taught Or Teach You.

- Use Administrative Banking Process, To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt, or pay it off as you go, as you grow or build programs we have taught you already, on your own land. (This is not shady, as you have to remember, you are an owned slave, or were. The legal system, is the scam. If you can use law, to get in or out of legality. This is just how the game works. 

- Hold assets in your society name, but hold properties you plan to live at, or store wealth at, under the numbered corporation. This is so that the system, does not violate you, on your own land, as they are criminal a lot of the time in our experience.

- Ensure Land Is In Your Society Name, so if you default or have problems with personal credit, your society assets are still safe.

- Use Pay As You Go Phones. Never In Your Own Name.

- Have several phones, to be able to be your own reference or to have friends be a reference for apartment references, client references etc.

- With your own society, you can verify any income amount for yourself you wish for any purpose you wish. As long as you do not defraud anyone, there is no crime in this. As Signatory to your own organization, you are who verifies these things. You can give yourself a different pen name, you are authorized by your own society and yourself to use. You verify facts, under that pen name. You owe no explanation to anyone, about anything private to you, which is your wealth.

- If you don't have a lot of money, but want to look like you do for credit etc. here is a trick.

Just save say $1000 or $2000. Or get a personal credit card (not society credit) and take an advance. Use banking admin process to get out of that debt or pay it, up to you. You then put that money into your society bank account. Each week you write yourself a paycheck for the full amount. Then cash it, and put it back into the society bank account. You repeat this process weekly, and you will show a large annual income, just by recycling that money. The money is a gift from your society, to you, so it is non-taxable, private. You do not claim this money, as it is non-taxable earnings. Gifts between equals is non-taxable. If the tax man asks how you live, your society gifts you what you need to live, that’s it. 



Most really rich people, billionaire club people, would never teach the public at large how things really work in wealth, law or how you use your time. If they would teach you, most don't have the time.


For those who have enrolled, and graduated or are doing the course as of now, you are who will enjoy the maximum advantage in life going forward in all ways. The best information, the best systems, the best use of time, best ways to make money. It's not hard as people are taught, it’s only hard, if you do things in the way most are taught by the PH.D. School system. 


Private rights, equal wealth in all ways, time, love, health and wealth. Enjoy this reality, it's yours when you graduate, as long as you apply what we teach, how we teach you to, and do it of course.

Claim Rights

Build Wealth

3 Letters/50 Days

Personal Oath

Self Governing I.D. Docs

Unincorporated Major Bank Acc.

Build Credit/Cash Credit - Buy Real Assetts/Land etc. Big $$$

Income Tax Free/Debt Free - Letters

Manifest Your Reality/Freedom

Can Retire In 2 - 5 Years

             Or Not As It's So Fun!

Enroll Now!

Enjoying Your  Freedom

No Boss - As Your A Boss Now

Never Get Fired! Popular Or Not!

No Money Troubles

Complete Privacy - Safety

Time Is Your Own In Every Way


Competent Heir Degree Equals

Success In Time, Love, Health & Wealth. Enjoy It!

Your Society HQ Mailing Address, Now Your ONLY PUBLIC Mailing Address For Everything!

IMPORTANT KEY - Private Address.

No One Should Ever Know Where You Sleep, Unless You Trust Them With Your Life. Only Give Society HQ Address To Banks, Assistance, CFS, Etc. (When Renting A Virtual Office, Ensure It Is An Address, Not A P.O. Box. Banks won't take P.O. BOX Addresses When You Open Accounts.)(As You Can, Have Multiple Addresses)

Use Numbered Corporations Or Holding Compenies To Own Asetts You Plan To Live At Personally.

IMPORTANT KEY - Private Address

As you succeed, many people and situations will try to hurt you for many reasons. Some spite, some the system wanting to keep you enslaved in how they are regulated etc. Sheriffs trying to kick you off your land if you use your rights etc. So own the land, with all rights reserved via holding company or numbered corporation. They do not own the assets though, as you have private agreements, they are your own society’s property still. There are a few ways you can do it. You can also just have the corporation own the land, but then, it’s not really owned, as its registered property still. This is ok, if the rest of what you own, is under your society. 

Pay As You Go Phones.

IMPORTANT KEY - Private Address

By using a flip phone pay as you go phone. You can avoid giving a real name or address. Make up both, neither in any name you actually use. This is another way to keep your information private. Everything you do, no one should know your home address ever. Just good policy to be safe in a world of criminals.

03 / New Reality - No More Hiding Who You Truly Are. Your Belief Is Now Your Law!

Use Family & Middle Name- Found Your Own Society:

Those who graduate with a Competent Heir Degree will automatically be an equal no matter what you start off as in life before this course.


Equals do not ask permission. They use due process to Notice other equals, and claim rights without harm, then they do it. This is who you are, when you graduate. A Boss. Of Your Own Self! Direct Taxation Labor is the definition of Slavery. If your labor/earnings are being taxed, you are a slave in fact.

 Free your mind, finances and self. 

Use Society/Current Legal I.D. To Open Society Bank Accounts:

Once you understand and have done each step of our Competent Heir Degree Course, you will be able to bill anyone who violates your rights/personal philosophies you have made your own law. Or if they use incorrect legal process against your rights.


You now have full advantage to use the legal system any way you wish lawfully, as well as to have legal immunity from it, as it's all corporate contract. We make you correct to Corporate Law, Common Law, Commerce Law & your own Personal Law, expressed through your own claim of rights, or your own society/empire.

Now Change Your Legal Name:

No one is better or smarter than you. If you want to achieve what they did, use your time as they do, and you will win.


The next step is to understand, nothing is ever ideal, you must start now! Then you make it ideal.


When you graduate as a Competent Heir with our Degree to prove you did the steps required. You are now a king or queen in the world. You are now free to manifest the world as you see fit, without harming others of course. You have real power in law, to change or fix anything you wish. To the extent law and the rights of others allow. This is true freedom, wealth and how anyone can make their dreams come true!