Welcome To A New Understanding On Income Tax Exempt Independent Contractor Agreements.

You Are About To Learn Everything Needed To Earn A Non Taxable Living!

What Does An Independent Contractor Agreement Mean?

This is a key to not getting sued as you grow your unregistered unincorporated society. Anyone you associate with, or hire, must sign or agree to this contract.

This takes away you being liable for anyone’s actions but your own as everyone is accountable for themselves. This is key and you must have all members of any society you start, even the founders sign a copy of this contract. You can download a copy of our university contract at the bottom of this page.

Why Does It Make Me Tax Exempt?

The contract we use, is tax exempt for those we pay as we define all pay as gifts. You will want to do a gift/pay schedule for each staff you hire also.


As everything is a gift between independents, and as your society is unregistered and unincorporated, both of those facts puts you or anyone who uses them outside of any corporation posing as government tax on earth. 


If they force it, they are liable for your time, any and all harm, personally. You use our litigation document to serve notice of this if needed. Watch the video to the left please.

AllRightsReservedUniversity.org Society

         Gift/Pay Schedule Contract

Independent Contractor Agreement

The video to the left will explain by reading an actual Sovereign Unregistered Unincorporated Private Society Independent Contractor Agreement. You can download our university version of this agreement below.

This is the best way and only way to contract in our opinion. Keep the template you download to alter for your own purposes. You just switch out the society name, for your own. Leave the rest of the document, unless you are fully versed in how to do so lawfully. You are liable for how you use this contract.

AllRightsReservedUniversity.org Society

Independent Contractor Agreement


Has Been Lawfully Established & Authorized By:

Peace Maker Society Empire Competent Law Jurisdiction.

www.PeaceMakerSociety.org  &

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