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Individual/Community Wealth!

What Does Individual Wealth Look Like?

Beginners: Starting From Nothing.

Getting a handle on what you should spend on what is the first key.

- Stock Basics - Buy Bulk & On Sale. Things like toilet paper, soap, non-perishable groceries. If it's on for half price, buy two or more.


If you have no money, you will need some. If you cannot work, then hustling is the best way most really rich people, start with nothing, and get to where they have enough to invest. This is not a light decision. You can also buy and sell any item, just find wholesale supply, resell to public. Must be able to move volume easily though, to make good money.


Advanced: Those Already With Assets.
This is the infrastructure community needs, you all need to be complete as a community, family etc. This is the beginning to understanding, how to be free, in every way, all the way. See below for actions steps.

Why Is Owning My Labor So Important?

Here is the BIG SECRET! Labor is the ONLY ASSETT on earth that matters. It's the foundation to everything. If you have no one to buy goods, move them, get them, build them, then nothing happens.


As you own your labor, you correct slavery globally. As you are then a competent heir, you then get riches in abundance, as you use your time, your efforts properly. To benefit you and those you love. All benefit if you do it properly, lawfully, as then non are harmed.

What To Do Exactly To Succeed In Time, Love, Health & Wealth?

1st Claim Your Rights.

2nd Found Private Unregistered, Unincorporated Self Governing Society.

3rd Create id Documents, use privacy to be safe always.

4th Build money, land, and community programs.

5th Create security and protocols necessary to ensure your legacy lives on.

Review headings to this course, do them all as taught, and you will succeed.

Here are the basics from basic rights then leading to self-governance & individual/community wealth/infrastructure.

In law, natural law, the foundation to all law, corporate, act statute, cannon, contract etc. s this principle. you and god/the universe/infinite intelligence whatever that means to you, both decided to put your living soul within the living animal you occupy... this makes you are nation unto yourself as god/the universe/infinite intelligence, whatever that means to you, left the entire world in trust to and for you. This is where unincorporated, unalienable, god given, sovereign, indigenous right come from. We ALL have them. Then it’s a matter of making your beliefs your own law.

You do this via using due process which is Notice of Understanding & Intent & Claim of Right Documents.
Video Explanation of that and that process here.

To have what you need and community, you start or found a self-governing society. Private societies are who run the corporations you think of as governments anyway. Once you do this, which we teach you... you are your own government. Just honor natural law, which is easy, just do not cause harm to the life, liberty, property or rights of others. You serve notice as an equal, then act. If you affect someone else, you negotiate via litigation, then an agreement is made or not.

Then you grow infrastructure as your global society grows. you just pick a name, mail 3 letters over 50 days, then you can get bank accounts as a sovereign unincorporated self-governing society, then you can get a e commerce website, global funding as you grow, natural law makes you correct globally, and if you are unregistered unincorporated, you outrank even the president in law, as they are limited liability corporations, so they are commercially incompetent, and you are a competent heir at this point, fully liable and competent in law.. Also makes it you can bill them, when they violate you. Lien them, no court required. Due process is the judgement


Has Been Lawfully Established & Authorized By:

Peace Maker Society Empire Competent Law Jurisdiction.

www.PeaceMakerSociety.org  &

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