Merchandise Lines

Society Merchandise - Overview

Why have merchandise?

The reasons are straight forward. It is a great way to promote your society symbol. To promote your ideals, branding, program and society awareness.


It is also a great way for your membership and supporters to show pride in your cause. Also of course a great way to fundraise.


Your merchandise is an extension of your branding. Make sure your colors or symbol matches. Ensure you make 50% - 100% plus per item you sell.

Merchandise Line Suggestions

Having society merchandise is a great way to make money once you have some support.


You can source wholesalers yourself online. You can also find others to help you.

You put your branding on items.


Items which are great for merchandise.

-Buttons (Get Machine)


-Cigar Boxes

-Membership Cards


-Stuffed Animals

-Programs (Food, Advocacy etc.)

-Poker Set



It is really endless what you can do.

These are all defined as gifts for min gifts from the public in how you market them so they are non-taxable.

Merchandise Sales/Promotion Strategies

As you create your membership, you’re sales teams, your website and social media you will generate sales as you go.


You will need to be able to take orders. Know how long for delivery. You will want to make sure you have at least one sample item until you can get stock.


You can also hire sales teams. Create commission or hourly rate structures for them. You can advertise when you have some money. Posters work, events, you name it.


Just make sure it is cool. You can look what other organizations are doing, to see what you like.


All buying is emotional, so the more emotionally you can reach people, the more sales you will make. We suggest studying Brian Tracy Psychology of Selling to understand sales and how to be a salesman or saleswoman.