Time Management:

How You Use Your Time = Success

Money Management/
How To Go From Little To No Money To Having Alot. 


I have little to no money, how I get the money I need to get ahead. I don’t have money.


I and our university understand very well, this is the case for most. If you are someone who has money already, this section still has good tips for you also. Basics, which many do not do.


One key to this to start off with is how one gets money. The first thing to look at is how you look at money. Most think it's hard to get. Money is not about money, it's about energy. It is also about keeping the money you earn by not wasting it on holidays, nights out, vacations, fast food etc. Spending/Investing it in things that will immediately make you more money is what you do.

You can also turn things which cost you money into making you money. Have a place you rent, get a few roommates to pay some rent. Have a car, make sure you use it to make money, or car pool people for coin etc. Make it so it costs you pennies. If you pay $600/Mo rent, get a roommate and ask $400.00. Now you are only paying $200/mo. You have to offer benefits to people, worth it for them to pay you for them.


Another Key you need to decide is how you will make money. What will you offer? What will you sell? How much time will it take daily? When will you schedule it to do it? What start up do you need? 

Keep in mind, that everything in life is sales to one degree or another. Sales is being an expert in an area, someone else needs that product or service. Then it's about understanding what value you offer which they need, and then pricing accordingly. If you do the work, you are credible.


First thing you will need is a small stack of money to work with to spend invest in things. This may be $200-$400, it may be $1000. This will depend on you. You just need enough, so you have inventory, or ability to deliver inventory, when orders are placed. Be it for print, for marijuana etc. It should be something, people will need often, and have to re order. This is why print, or lawful marijuana etc., is so efficient.

If you are unsure of what to invest in, we can help guide you. We have print division, you can double your money on every print order. Customers pay upfront, so you don't even have to spend money out of hand. Some people hustle weed lawfully. You want something you can sell, instantly, more than offering a service etc. We also have community programs, like food banks, starting a law firm etc.


Count every penny you have, and know will be coming.

Cut back as much as possible. Remember that every ad you see, is someone trying to make your poor, and make themselves rich with your money. There is nothing fun or cool about being broke, being hungry etc. There are many fun and cool things that come with being rich or comfortable in finances.



No one is better or worse than you, they just use their time differently, Use your time and money as they do, and you too can be as rich as anyone on earth. If you are missing an ingredient via money or talent, you bridge this through others who are experts in that area. Only listen to experts! 

- Do not spend money on holidays, on anything other than basic needs and your start up investments for stock or inventory which you make 50% to 100% or more. Holidays are your rich owner’s traditions, beliefs etc. Your own natural community was destroyed most likely by them, thousands or hundreds of years ago. Name your 8 great grandparents, if you can't, that is proof. Create your own holidays etc., after you succeed financially, in your own society.

- Use food banks etc. for food while starting out as much as possible if any in your area. Ration your food, so it lasts longer, eat till content, rather than full. Each cheap food in the beginning.

- Live as cheap as possible, and your home will also be your office to start off with. This can be renting a room, or sharing accommodations for cheap. If you look online, you can generally find something. You can also care take a building for free rent in most cases.

- Move to where everything is within walking distance if possible. Groceries, work, etc. This saves you the need for a vehicle, and saves you commute time. 

- Most people we know who went from no money, to lots of money, did it through getting into marijuana trade. This is not for everyone, but it is lawful, and very effective. World War II the U.S.A. government ordered farmers to grow approximately ten percent of their crops as marijuana. This funded the victory. Throughout history, communities and individuals has used marijuana lawfully to fund themselves. If you are opposed to marijuana, we have a print division template, you can make the same kind of mark ups, and still do very well. It is up to you, your rights come from within.

- You can use rent receipts for taxes, to get money back.

- Use our debt response letters to get out of existing debts.

- Get Credit Cards if you are able, or a secure credit card if you have poor credit to build credit, so you have access to more money, to make moves with, and pad your stack.

- Found your own society, get membership, merchandise etc.

- Only spend time with others willing to help you make money.

- Make those around you money, get a percentage, via our contracts.



Listen To Ron Paul Farewell Speech To Congress.

Even If You Are Not American, This Problem Is The Same In All Corporations Posing As Governments!

Economics & Your Society Are Global.

Ron Paul Supports Private Societies Having & Establishing Your Own Self Sufficient Economy!
As Your Graduate, You Are The Special Interests That Then Steer The World. You End Corporate Governance!


/  What Is Money? What Is Legal Tender?

You may be surprised to learn that there is a BIG difference between Money & Legal Tender. Money by definition must be backed by gold or silver. Something of substance. Back in the early 1900's in Canada & the U.S.A. (Same situation in your nation if you have legal tender) banned gold or silver from the private sector over a certain amount. This is so no one can create a large amount of money within that nation to compete with Legal Tender.


Legal Tender is not money. It is backed by the future taxable earnings of its registered property. That property, IS YOU! Legal Tender is backed by when you register your child for a birth certificate with the Certificate of Live Birth Certificate. You unknowingly register (Pledge Title) Of Your Child to that corporation posing as your government which sells them on international stock exchanges. No corporation can be a government by definition. Legal Tender is also backed by all your registered property, house, car etc. Legal Tender Is A Form Of Slavery. As are Birth Certificates & all corporation posing as government identification. That kind of identification, makes you property, of a soulless, bankrupt, owned corporation written in all capital letters, as that is grammatically how you spell a BANKRUPT CORPORATION. Men and Woman have family and given names, corporations have first and last names. Once your society is founded, you create your own id, which recognizes you as a flesh and blood man or woman operating with All Rights in Tact. That is the difference between Money and Legal Tender.

Money Defined

Backed By Gold, Silver/Substance

Can Trade Note for Something Of Real Substance.

Legality Is Not Law

Using Legal Tender Does Not Diminish a Free Man/Woman’s Rights. Common Misconception.

Legal Tender Defined

Backed By Registered Property


Proof- 1985 Canadian Ownership Control & Determination Act.

3 Letters - 50 Days Gets You Title Back To Property.

No Corporation Can Be A Lawful Government - Not Fully Liable.

Enroll In The Next Course Now!

Legal Privilege Can Be Taken. Rights Can Not be!

No Boss - As you’re A Boss Now

Never Get Fired! Popular or Not!

Equals Serve Notice


Equals Do Not Ask Permission.

Rights Come From Within You!

Keep Studying, As Graduating The Competent Heir Degree Equals Success In Time, Love, Health & Wealth. Enjoy It!

Emotional Stop Loss Orders:

Give Changes, But If Others Fail Deadlines Or To Help, Let Them Go!

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Only Surround Yourself With Others Who Truly Support & Add Energy To Your Society, Goals, Time, Deadlines.


Daily Organizer

Plan All Tasks.

Do Most Important First.


Don't Spend Money You Don't Have To!

Time Success Tips:

Money Success Tips

Do What Brings Money In. 

Do Get Money Action Lists.


Don't Spend Money

Most Things You Can Barter Etc.

Invest On What You Can Sell, Make Sales, Spend Proceeds Above What You Need To Reload.


Time Is Money, Money Is Energy.

Develope Skills People Want To Pay You For. Helps If They Make Money Too.


03 / What You Sign: Tickets, Paperwork, Court Charges Etc. Are Security Interests = $$$$

What Is A Security Interest?

Corporations posing as governments have done the following. The contracts you sign, they sell, on stock exchanges for big bucks!
Here is how those in government view this.


What Politicians Think When They Smile! Think of every politician’s smile as you read this…

Both Canada and the U.S.A. and all nations with birth certificates, a national debt and legal tender/central bank define their citizens the same way…

Citizens are collateral on the national debt.

Below are excerpts from historically documented memoirs between President Woodrow Wilson (1913 to 1921) and Colonel Edward Mandell House. It applies to you, your friends, kids, parents, everyone in Canada!

“...they will be our chattels (property) by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights…”

“This is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges…”

“...leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope…”

Our mission is also to educate the masses.

The corporation of Canada Inc. has a receiver general in charge of the bankruptcy of this corporation since 1933. They pledge to the Crown Church, who back in the late 1100's early 1200's prior to the Magna Carta being signed. The Catholic Church at the time demanded all title from England be pledged to them to keep England sovereign.

They did, and anyone who goes against that, is dis inherited, hence the Magna Carta never had force of law. The Catholic Church Pope, is the roman emperor since Constantine way back when. He crowned himself, and it is our understanding, this is why the Pope is chosen from the black sea. This is why the Catholic Church holds title to all common wealth registered property, to this very day. Its fraud as never explained.

This is our understanding to date. Secret Societies run the BANKRUPT corporations posing as government. This is why, your own society, makes you, your own government. You just claim the rights!

How Do You Defend Against This?

Starting your own society, really is the best way to fight back, it makes you equal to the powers that be, in law. This allows you to do your own remedy, up to and including your own courts, community infrastructure, security etc.


It is all just contract law, you are not dealing with any government. Just remind them always you are operating with all rights reserved, and you are happy to civil litigate, or private bill anyone who violates your rights.


If you do that, you can always review later, what you should bill them for. Orders equal bills, once you have your paperwork in place.


Anyone who says you are wrong, ask them this.

Can a corporation lawfully force someone to contract?

To look up Canada or U.S.A. online as a corporation for proof go to www.sec.gov 

Idea's Are - Real Things - Very Valuable.

Another key to success is understanding that ideas are things. You will need an idea book. This is something you carry with you daily, always. 


When you have abstract or concrete ideas, you immediately write them down. The faintest ink is stronger and lasts longer than the best memory. Also, by writing down ideas, it frees your mind think about more things.


Idea's become a real thing when we write them down. Then research every step for what you will need. Then you put a team or Mastermind Group together to get the job done. Everyone should get something for their help. If you set it up fairly it will be successful. If you lack this skill set, team up with someone who is strong in your weak areas. 


Now schedule every action or supply item needed to get your idea started. Then do it.

​Do not cause others harm, and make everyone money. This is how your and others energy, make your idea's real!

We Have All Been Warned By Great People Of The Past! They Were Silenced, So You Can Now Found Your Own Society. You Owe It To Yourself, As Well As Those Who Came Before You & All You Love & Hold Dear!