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Notice/Due Process/Claiming Rights:

What Is Due Process?

(Must Use Proof of Mailing with Signature Envelopes, you get them at post office. You must video evidence sealing documents into envelopes, as well as show envelope tracking number etc. Then when received, you print the signature from recipient online from post office website. Send Copies of document NEVER ORIGINALS. 
Due Process is Notice & Opportunity to respond between equals. 
Letter 1) You ask questions? 10 Days, No Response.

Letter 2) You answer your own questions. 10 Days No Response.

Letter 3) You Claim Rights or Claim of Right Document to lawfully claim a right, peacefully, using due process between equals.

After 30 Days, No Response, cures as lawful right.

How To Keep The Peace In Law?

How you keep the peace in law is simple. You use discussion via letters, to negotiate peacefully as per due process, which is law.


If you refuse to discuss, or do not do so within ten days or time agreed upon in notice, you are in dishonor. When in dishonor, you lose the right to object.


To stay in honor, you communicate to avoid conflict. Including outline lawful rights of self defense, or to claim property or payment.

How Do You Give An Equal An Order Lawfully?


When the 3 letter process, also known as Due Process is used. The Notice of Understanding & Intent as well as Claim of Right Letter/Litigation documents cure as law, after the 30 days on the final letter has passed. Complete with Proof of service and signature upon delivery. This is then your lawful right. Under properly cured and claimed rights.


Cause no harm, and no one can lawfully stop you. If they unlawfully stop you, they are liable for your Fee Schedule.

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