Where Do Your Rights Begin & Others Rights End?

The basis to all law is Natural Law. This is where those Unalienable Rights you have heard so much about come from. It says to our understanding the following.

You and the universe, put your living soul into your flesh and blood body. Whatever that means to you. The universe left the world in trust to us all, as equals. No equal can give another equal an order under natural law, everything must be offers. Then you cure rights using due process. You are your own law. As long as you are true to natural law, and put All Rights Reserved when you sign anything.


Natural law states, you must not cause unlawful harm to the life, liberty, property or rights of another.

Welcome Students To

Your Philosophies - To Your Own Community Law.


How To Found Community Law.


You can do a Notice of Understanding & Intent & Claim of Right. 3 Letter Process = Due Process. This is its own judgement. If you do this in an unregistered unincorporated fully commercially liable capacity under oath or attestation upon penalty of perjury then you are the chief justice of your society.  

Community Court System:
Lecture Attended - About Community Courts

By David Harper:

Grand Chief

Cree Nation

What Makes Your Law Valid As A Form Of Law?


An unregistered unincorporated private self-governing society, is its own law if set up correctly. Rights & Law come from within you. If you are signatory to the society, you can make actual law, others must respect or they are personally liable. You must also know how to function using due process and no harm standards while respecting others rights to do the same.


All competent heirs have the capacity although not the obligation to be chief justice for their society or in mediation matters for others.


Community Courts can be set up anywhere.

Watch the video on this page for details on exactly how this works. We learned the community court system from information provided by David Harper Grand Chief of the Cree Nation in Manitoba Canada. They have successfully set up community courts in the provincial corporate law courts building.


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