Privacy Equals Safety 

Self Governing ID - Key To Privacy

The reason citizens have no privacy from the corporation pretending to be government system is that people tell them almost everything.


Your I.D. is what endangers the public the most. You are telling criminals where you live. 


Self-Governing ID does not contain your home address. Ours doesn't anyway. By doing this, the system of criminals no longer knows where you live. So now they cannot come rob you, or arrest you unlawfully.


You will use your society address as your home address going forward. By combining these two steps, you will never have to worry about your safety at home regarding privacy again. 


Now you must master relationship circles.

Your Own Society - Key To Privacy

Having your own society or societies is another key to privacy. By doing this, you can use your society to own property, organize events etc.


You can also use an alias or pen name to work under after you found your society.


A society also allows you to have far more control over who is around you. By controlling this, you can ensure you have trust worthy people who have proven themselves to be worthy of you, your time, your community.




This is a key step also. You get a pay as you go phone for your own phone. You give a fake name and address. They do not need ID to get this kind of phone. This is key.


We recommend using TOR Browser. Free Download Online.

Other Ways To Keep Youself Safe

Use recording devices always. At home, so if the system harms you, you have proof to bill, litigate, and sue or other lawful means. We also suggest having any video automatically streamed or backed up via internet or other means off site. So police can't steal the footage etc. We have seen this happen personally many times.

Record any time you interact with any government agent. It is your right, for your safety, as they are criminal. They may get upset, so be careful as you do this. It is your right, but stay as safe as possible always.


We even record in court, when possible, using hidden cameras. We have been tackled by corporations posing as sheriffs tackle us for doing so, just to be released as it is our right. 


If you operate with All Rights Reserved, you require no one’s permission, for any lawful act period!

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This Is What Happens

When You Call The Cops!

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