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Private Security & Hiring Legal Sherriffs:

What Is Private Security?

Private security is just that. Security for a private event, society or individual. Anyone can have private security.


You can either contract an outside agency, or you can create your own. We suggest to those who wish to, to create your own. 


The goal of all of this, is to be self-sufficient as a community and society in all ways.

What Are Police?

Police are actually a corporation. They are actual for profit sales men and woman. Who force people into unlawful contracts known as security interests which are trading on stock exchanges for big money?

You will need both privacy, and even your own private security to keep you safe from police and their criminal activity.

Yes, unregistered unincorporated private security for your own society, outranks police in fact in law. Legality may not recognize this, but you can bill any agent, who is incompetent personally. See Advocacy Process.

How Do You Create Or Hire Private Security?


When the 3 letter process, also known as Due Process is used. The Notice of Understanding & Intent as well as Claim of Right Letter/Litigation documents cure as law, after the 30 days on the final letter has passed. Complete with Proof of service and signature upon delivery. This is then your lawful right. Under properly cured and claimed rights.


Cause no unlawful harm, and no one can lawfully stop you. If they unlawfully stop you, they are liable for your Fee Schedule. Use independent contractor agreement so you are not liable if your security is ever unlawful.


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Peace Maker Society Empire Competent Law Jurisdiction.

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