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First determine what your end game is. What do you see when you succeed. Now you work your way backwards from that end vision you see. You make lists of every individual you will need to help you. All the skills you have, what you don't. Supplies, resources, money needed? Then plan every task you need to do into your daily organizer. This is a key to success. Without an organizer, you will not be efficient and tasks will slip. The faintest ink lasts longer than the strongest memory.


You will need a mastermind team. A group of people in harmony with you, who will also benefit from your mutual success. These must be solid people. If they give their word, they keep it.


You will want to get some project management books. Thrift stores can be a great place to find skill set building books for very little money. 


Outsourcing tasks to professional businesses, societies or individuals can be a great way to go also. Especially if you are not a big fan of managing others. This can minimize the size of team you need in many cases.


Most really rich people, billionaire club people, would never teach the public at large how things really work in wealth, law or how you use your time. If they would teach you, most don't have the time.  You need a mastermind team. A group of people in harmony with you, who will also benefit from your mutual success. These must be solid people. If they give their word, they keep it. They meet weekly to assign tasks with deadlines and who will be in charge of getting that detail of the mastermind plan finished. This is a key to project management. It is a great idea to record weekly meetings. This becomes your own society history as well as a great way to show others what you are up to if you so wish.


For those who have enrolled, and graduated or are doing the course as of now, you are who will enjoy the maximum advantage in life going forward in all ways. The best information, the best systems, the best use of time, best ways to make money. It's not hard as people are taught, its only hard, if you do things in the way most are taught by the PH.D. School system. 


Private rights, equal wealth in all ways, time, love, health and wealth. Enjoy this reality, it's yours when you graduate, as long as you apply what we teach, how we teach you to, and do it of course.


A suggestion for a way to go about setting up a management team for your own society is this.

Start with a high council, those are your founding members and or experts in various fields or areas. Then they each head a project or department which they are most talented at. They assemble team members. Management meets once a week, each team leader or project/department manager can meet with their team as often as needed to meet the deadlines agreed to in the weekly meetings or assigned by the high council depending on the plan/goals/needs etc.

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Weekly Mastermind Management

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03 / Existing Programs We Have For You/ Projects You May Want To Run:

Community Program Management

Community Food Program/

Public Awareness Team Description:


The Community Food Program is a Peace Maker Society Self Governing community solution initiative. Team members go door-to-door distributing unalienable rights educational materials and collecting gifts of food and money for this community based program. Food collected provides immediate relief for individuals and families who are hungry today. Gifts of money allow us to supplement food packages with items like milk, eggs, bread, diapers and vital items for families with children within that area.. It also allows us to develop long term solutions to hunger around the world through Free Food Greenhouse Programs. Why work with the Community Food Program? - Members of our Public Awareness Team feel good about the work they do because they are helping to feed hungry people. - All team members receive financial & food gifts for shifts which are flexible and available daily - come out as often or as little as your schedule allows. - We have opportunities for individuals and groups! - We provide opportunities for leadership and program development experience. - We believe communities should be rewarded for helping each other!


FULL DETAILS HERE:!community-solution-initiatives/cngp

Law Program Management

Corporate Government Agency Incompetence Resolution Process/AGENCY COMPLIANCE OFFICER ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM.  Why is your employee doing this? Why they are not properly trained? Contact Compliance Officer, check if they are all under the Financial Administration Act? Check best value contracts, equals lowest bid, not best value. Certified notice them what doing wrong, always record, meeting, be good for a bit, like bad marriage, good for a bit, correct action, stay on. DEFICIENCY NOTICE…. ALL AGENCIES.. J Insurance Council Mb etc.


Deficiency Facts For Compliance Issues:

If they have knowledge, they are liable. We talk with Compliance Officer. Every Agency has one.

Compliance Officer Duties: Random Audits, Be up to date on all rules and regulations, Ensure they are being enforced.  Government of Canada tests up to standards.


Random Audit Testing: Do in  a nice way – This states :xxxxxxx” and we notice you’re not doing that. Then Manager Signs. Our thoughts on liability, actions to be taken process defined, action date for or to fix item or issue with agency.


FULL DETAILS HERE:!unregisteredunincorp-law-firm/c16rm

Sales/Marketing Program Management

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