Relationship Circles - Why They Matter

What Are Relationship Circles

This is a skill set we learned working with people diagnosed as developmentally disabled. Relationship Circles are just like the rings in the trunk of the tree when it is cut.


Relationship Circles are your own way to stay safe, by keeping those you can trust around you, like a defense system. Far too many people invite strangers into your friendship and family circles. THIS IS NOT OK.


 You must be able to trust them with your life the deeper you go into your relationship circles. You must treat your life like the mob does. Your life is determined by who is beside you.


Imagine a dot in the center of a bunch of circles that is you. The first ring or circle should be lifelong friends, family etc. Some people may not have this, if not, it should be only your most trusted. Then the next ring is lifelong friends, next ring, is friends, then acquaintances etc. Never share private info including where you live, with anyone who is not in your inner most trust circles.

Make people earn this, as it is the quality if your life, your community, those you love.

Why Do They Matter- No Stranger Should Ever Govern Your Life!

Let's apply this to governance. Should any stranger control your life, your law? NO!


You and those closest to you, should be who creates your law. By close to you, I mean who are naturally in tune with your standards, who you are etc. 


Many of us are stuck in families, friends, and jobs etc. which are NOT our natural standards. This means, you are trapped in a community not of your own.


You must create your own society, to manifest your own community. Those in harmony with life, in the same shape and form you are.


Time to stop letting strangers pick your life. Time to stop letting circumstance control who is in your life. Now you must take control. Now is your time to put this on paper and mastermind your own destiny, your own future, your own law!

How Do You Use Relationship Circles Properly To Stay Safe Always

Think of your relationship circles how any Mob would. Treat each individual in your cirlces, as if your life depended on them.

Ask yourself?

-Can I trust them?

-Have they ever let me down?

-Are they in harmony in who they are, with who I and my community are?

-Have I known then for over 5 years? If No, you don't really know them fully yet in most cases.

-Will you know them for more than ten years? If not, not in your inner circles.


We have provided a template below you can download and print off. You want to fill this in and follow it.


No corporation posing as government anything, should ever be in your inner circles, as they are all sell outs for a paycheck.

Download Relationship Circles Template

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