Global Society HQ (How To)

What Is Involved To Set Up HQ

This is actually be done quite inexpensively.


We strongly suggest for most people just starting out, you will want to rent a virtual office space. This is shared office space either in your local city, and if not available there, you can make your head office anywhere you wish in the world. Your website and natural law make you global.


A global company which does this, and who the society who gifted our university the information we teach you used was Regus. They are global, may have an office near you. 


2015 the rate was $130/ for the mail service as well as a phone number and office staff to answer it. Plus we got to use office space 2 days a week. Rental available of board room etc. Shared space is the cheapest way to run this. Find a space, you can share or rent part of. Way cheaper to start. It also protects your privacy should you ever be targeted by police etc. unlawfully. When you use virtual office, you can just rent the use of the address so mail can be sent there for you. We currently pay $40/Mo for this service locally.   


How To Best Use Global HQ

This address becomes your home address for mail also. This is how you protect your personal address from unlawful authorities or people who may wish you harm for whatever reason.

If you stand for something, automatically some people who believe differently will oppose you. Privacy is how you live in comfort, even if people ever mess with you.


This is also a key to getting bank accounts as you need a physical address, they will not accept a P.O. Box.


Another important reason to do this, is it works great with a website, and if people want to drop you off money etc., they have an office to do so at.


You never have to be at the office. You can send staff or helpers to grab mail etc. So you can be off the radar, as any good general should be. You are a mastermind now. You matter as you create free markets and freedom for all.

Why Best To Use Virtual Office Rental

To find a virtual office space in a city near you, just internet search Virtual Office. If non-existent, then look for shared lease space where you can use the mailing address to.


Do not use your home address ever!

It is no longer on your id when you do your own society id docs. Your job, is to keep your address, where you live, how much money or assets you have private. Only those in your closest relationship circles can know, if you want to be safe.


It is best sometimes also, to keep that information to yourself. 


Envy is a real thing, and people who are not in harmony with you, may try to bring you down. Having a global HQ is one amazing form of protection. As are pay as you go phones with alias name and address along with private id docs. This is how, you stay safe with your very own Global HQ.


If you are unable to find this kind of service, just let us know, we may be able to help recommend somewhere for you to use.