Society Branding

What To Think Of When Branding 

The core to your branding will be emotional standards you have in what you believe in. So saving animals, or equal rights, could be a cool pastime or even lawful drugs etc. Pick any cause, principle or belief you wish.


This will be what attracts others like you, to your own community standard. Your philosophies are what will attract others like you, to your society. The name you pick should reflect these principles you decide.


You will also want to think of a symbol for your society. Legality is in maritime law, so you are regarded as a vessel. If you do not have your own flag, the system will try to automatically put their flag on you. If you have your own symbol (like a company logo) then you belong to your own symbol and not someone else's.


The colors you pick, are also very important. Look at other brands, and decide what works for them, what doesn't. Then pick the style which you like best. Ensure it is original in design to avoid legal problems.

How To Create A Brand

Living in the digital age and internet age, has made growth of your society much easier.


You create a Facebook page, twitter account, linkedIn account for your society.  You may want to create multiple accounts for Facebook, as they can block or delete accounts on occasion. Add friends.


Once you have your principles, symbol, oath, website and bank account plus social media online as described above, then you now just promote it, offer memberships, and as you get more money, you expand your brand.


You just need to have enough money for a produced sample, the rest people order, can be ordered when money comes in. All money is defined as a gift.

As your money/energy grows, you can affect the world on a grand scale, help it in any way you wish, lawfully.

Branding General Notes To Think Of

Branding Materials To Have:

(Most of the time, you can email the print materials, so you save print costs.)


Business Cards



Press Releases

Media Kit/Press Kit

Pay to Attend Events


Political Letters of Support

Organizational Letters for Support

Membership Cards

Clothing Items

Merchandise Items (lighters etc.)







Public Ads (Bus bench, Billboard etc.)

Branding Teaching Example Videos
Partying with Friends
Partying with Friends

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White Limousine
White Limousine

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Girls in a Bar
Girls in a Bar

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Partying with Friends
Partying with Friends

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