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How You Use Your Time = Success

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How You Gaurantee Success Philosophies 







We are going to teach you the habits to succeed, guaranteed. How can we say this and mean it. When you write your major goals down, then brainstorm and research the actions to do that action or tasks required to get there in how you use your time or what resources or help you will need. What you do today, will determine every aspect of your tomorrow. As will what you don't do. With proven results, there is no guess work, only the question, if you will do what is required. Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today. I do it now! I do it now! I do it now! Is your new mantra in life!


The next step is to schedule them into your day planner. The exact time you will do each part. So if you need to brainstorm, plan an hour or as much time as you need. Also write down ideas as they come to you. When you action things in this way, ideas become real things.


You may prefer to manage things on your own and outsource help needed. You may want to build your own team, staff etc. This will depend on who you are. Remember that no one is better or smarter than you, they just use their time differently. If you do happen to be weak in an area, you just appoint an expert in that field to help you, either for hourly wages, or for a piece of the pie you are creating. You have every opportunity to associate and master mind with other graduates and students of AllRightsReservedUniversity.org as you and all students past, present and future are part of a special club globally. You have all the connections you require, now become competent to use them. Congratulations on taking part in this wonderful and historical journey.


/  How To See Yourself. How To Use Your Time

The best way, which all top people use to stay ahead of tasks on their way to success are as follows.

 1) Get a daily organizer, one in which has fifteen minute increments between the hours. So 1pm 1:15pm etc.

2) You will need a desk calendar or a calendar for major events, dates etc.

3) You will need to have an email address, access to or have own computer also.

4) When and if budget allows, you get a pay as you go cell phone, with unlimited incoming and outgoing minutes with voice mail.

5) A mailing address. Virtual office. If you need an address, just online search virtual office rental space.

6) Make a list of all need to do tasks or actions.

7) Now put each task into a specific time and day within your organizer. 

8) If you have multiple projects, it may be wise to divide your day. Mornings project 1, Afternoon project 2 etc. By working from home or close to home, you can maximize your results and be more productive daily.

9) Anything you need, can be gotten from others around you. That is a mastermind Group.

10) People come to you, for meetings etc. If for your projects etc. This may not work if a bank meeting etc. for example. Great for interviews, clients, suppliers etc.

Set Deadlines To All Tasks

Avoid Time Thieves

Do not spend time with those who do not help in your major tasks.


Invest Don't Spend

Don't buy things that break down, or bring in no money, until you are very well off.

Suggested Book to Read: The Millionaire Next Door

(Study on millionaires and how they really spend money)

Study: Think & Grow Rich 

By Napoleon Hill (Mastermind)


Set Goal

Brainstorm & Research All

(How To Do All Tasks)

Schedule Them In Day-Timer

Do It Now!

Know Your Strengths & Admit Your Weaknesses

To Succeed You Need A Mastermind Group.

You offer them what you are good at, sales, organizing, communicating, researching, money etc.

Do not offer to do, what you are not an expert or very talented at.

Self-Inventory All Strengths & You Have. Bridge Weaknesses Through Others You Invite Into Your Mastermind Group/Society.

Getting Results

No Boss - As You’re A Boss Now

Never Get Fired! Popular Or Not!

Time Is Valuable


Labor True Wealth on Earth

Use Labor/Time/Talent Wisely


Competent Heir Degree Equals

Success In Time, Love, Health & Wealth. Enjoy It!

Starting A Society

A Few Tips:

Get Bank Accounts

Ask us for help if you need a referal.


Get Programs Or Funding Coming In.

Membership, Sales, Programs Etc.


Work With Freedom Wealth Management Firm

Earn $1000 per cleint.


03 / How To Make Your New Success Last - Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Habbits

Daily Habbits

Plan out your week and month with major appointments etc.


Plan the next day the night or day before.


List all priorities, then number them in order of importance. Do most important tasks first.


Right when you get up, do your major tasks for the day. 


Major tasks are what bring in money, or what you need to get, to be able to bring in money or a result you wish.


Reschedule anything you were unable to get done. 


Weekly Habbits

You can make specific days for specific tasks. This routine can make things easier.

Example (Monday - Project 1. Tuesday - Land Growth etc.)


Weekly meetings - to assign tasks to team members or yourself is a great way to work. You agree or assign together, do the work as a team or independently. Then go over results at the next weekly meeting.


Most people who do not succeed have alibies why they can't get things done. 

Ask yourself, if my life depended on this, could I get it done by tomorrow? If you answer yes, then if you didn't get it done, that reason is actually an excuse and invalid. If you set the task, complete it. If you can't, get help from experts in that field.

Monthly & Yearly Habbits

No one is better or smarter than you. If you want to achieve what they did, use your time as they do, and you will win.


The next step is to understand, nothing is ever ideal, you must start now! Then you make it ideal.


When you graduate as a Competent Heir with our Degree to prove you did the steps required. You are now a king or queen in the world. You are now free to manifest the world as you see fit, without harming others of course. You have real power in law, to change or fix anything you wish. To the extent law and the rights of others allow. This is true freedom, wealth and how anyone can make their dreams come true!