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First things first. If you are unlawfully arrested the police will almost always ignore they are violating due process or your rights. They are only taught to see you as a legal person which has no rights or soul by legal definition, only privilege called citizenship defined by legality which is just corporate contract and voluntary in law. No longer a man or woman with rights in law. All Citizens are a victim of fraud if they have a birth certificate. Agents are liable for harm even if they do not know the law. Most of the time they do, they just sold out for a paycheck.


When arrested you can still call your lawyer to get them to let your mastermind team know you are unlawfully arrested and to advocate for you. You can also call them yourself, if you can add their number to your call out list from jail. Always make sure you have several key numbers memorized, as the system will not help you find any numbers etc.


As a prisoner, if you feel safe to do so, notice all agents, police, guards of contract fraud. Let them know you are a political prisoner and that you are being held unlawfully. Then talk to a lawyer to get you out of jail or arrange for others you know to get you out. 


You can hire a lawyer to bail you out or arrange bond etc. with all rights reserved. Then you can fire them when you are out and represent yourself if you wish. We have found some success in having a lawyer represent people with All Rights Reserved although the corporate law courts will never admit they are wrong, as they are liable if they are wrong.


You conditionally accept all orders with all rights reserved and remind them orders equal bills, so they are liable for your fee schedule as they are acting unlawfully and you are a contract for hire, no longer a bankrupt citizen debtor, hence they are violating due process. No Harm, No Crime. For harm to be valid, must have seen you do the harm themselves. Or it is hear say. Also, they are a corporation, limited by the same rules as any corporation, no corporation can lawfully force anyone to contract. Even if they have a shiny badge and hate to hear that fact as it conflicts with the lies they were taught or that they are paid to unlawfully enforce.

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/  Effective Unlawful Arrest
Response Strategies/Stick It To Them!

- Call your unlawful arrest response team. (Set one up if you don't have one already) 

- Call Your Lawyer or get a lawyer to arrange bail. Sign all agreements with all rights reserved.

- We have used or kept multiple addresses in the past. So you can give them one place as an address, but then live in another place your society owns so you feel safe while waiting for trial. 

- Keep notes best you can which guards violate you, or give you orders, report via phone to your team when and if you get to call them. You should in our experience be able to sneak paperwork you keep out of the prison if you put it in your underwear. They don't search you much on the way out.

- Educate other prisoners who are willing to listen about the corporate state if safe to do so.

- Remember, unless you caused harm to life liberty property or rights of others, you are a victim in being arrested. If you did cause harm, and there is proof, no law will help you much. Get a good legal lawyer, and hope they can save your butt, using the loopholes of the legal system.

Unlawful Arrest Response Team

Phone Prison Often (Team)

Letters To Prison Often (Team)

Bill All Agents On Prisoners Behalf As An Advocate

Protests, Media, Public!


Incident Report

Gather Video/Documented Proof 

Send Litigation

Serve Bill of Service & Lien Process
(See Bill of Service Template in Freedom Kit Email we sent you when you enrolled. You can also Online Search Bills of Service.) 

Use Privacy To Stay Safe

When Out, Use Privacy To Stay Out Of Jail.

Use Relationship Circles 


Complete Privacy - Safety

Never Give Home Address, Society Address Only.


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