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Why Drugs & Guns Are Lawful Rights.
Why Are Drugs & Guns Lawful?

The reason Guns & Drugs are lawful, is that if there is no harm, or if there would be harm, but it is disclosed and agreed to, then you are within your own rights on either topic above.


We are not promoting guns, nor hard drugs in this point. But both are your option. For our examples, we will use Marijuana, as it is less controversial, and our University does support that right publicly as does the private society which gifted us this valuable information we now pass along to you,

Challenges With Drugs & Guns In Reality vs Legality.


The slavery legal system, does not want the public to be able to defend itself when corporation posing unlawfully as government agents of any department act unlawfully. That is why they register firearms throughout history, so they can take them eventually. 


Drugs are also lawful, but they generate wealth so the unlawful legal system tries to strip you of that right unlawfully using legality which is corporate contract not natural law at all. If 1000 pot plants is worth 3 million every ten weeks, why would anyone work a slavery job? Drugs are a lawful basis of income for any community or individual.


It is profitable to keep you out of this lawful right. At this time in history, even when lawful, and correct to process, still best to treat this category like a criminal would. You may lose your freedom unlawfully, in some cases, for exercising this right. We suggest if you are pro-gun, do it quietly, safely. See our Mastermind area, for how to be as safe as possible if you exercise these rights. See our lawful hustlers section for how to sell/gift pot safely as a way to earn a kings salary initially till you can get into other industries. This is not for all, use your own discretion. 


We are in no way telling you or giving you advice to do this, just many already do, so we want to help keep all lawful people safe.

How To Hustle Marijuana Lawfully/Safely (Example)

There is always risk to hustling, even if you are lawful. You can get robbed, jacked by police, fed's etc. When you get to court, great, but you don't get your pot back even if you win generally, when you are lawful.

We know people who do this safely daily. These are some of the systems they used to sell pot safely for over a decade 100% lawfully, we share it with you here. This profession although lawful can be dangerous. If you can make money safer ways, please do. We have a print division which can use much the same template and no drugs that way. We do support lawful Marijuana, so this is why we teach you how this works. It is up to you how you use this information. We are in no way liable for any action you take at any time. As per your Independent Contractor Agreement.

Do your claim of right process, to claim right to peacefully do any lawful act you wish?
1st step, find a connection that always has pot.
2nd step, Get a Pay As You Go Telephone. Get Unlimited Incoming and Outgoing Calls Plan, Or Unlimited Incoming at least.
3rd step, Use a at home printer to print Referral Cards. Put something Like Primo Connection, 3 for $25, or any name you like, just not your own.
4th step, Use an alias with clients. Do not sell to people you know, unless you trust them with your life. Give cards to strangers, who are clearly not cops... or people you meet who seem cool etc. already smoking. Just walk up and say, you seem cool. I give these cards out to cool people, if you ever need, just let me know. I am lawful for.... Have the hours you are available, and the area of the city you meet up within, your hours, pricing etc. listed on your card. To make cards just buy a 3 or more line self-inking stamp, and get card stock from any staples.

5th step, you meet up with people who call from the card you gave them, at one of three spots you pre select. Make each spot at least one long block or two to three short blocks away. About a two to three minute walk should be good so no one sees you coming or going from your chill spot. Do not carry any cash, and only bring what they order with you. Be safe, you may want to have security, if you are not strong yourself.

6th step, when meeting people, wrap all orders in white paper, put extra cards in each order so you get the new clients friends etc.Check local prices, for what to charge.

If asked by police, if you sell. They will charge you, you say whatever you have is personal. You tell them you are lawful. You claimed the right, to smoke, gift or sell any substance, but that you just use personally. Even if you sell, you owe the legal system nothing, as you never have to tell a fraud or criminal violating you anything. You can bill any agent personally, who violates your rights, if you claimed them correctly.

If the property you are growing or selling at gets raided. The holding company is owned by your new legal name, not the old one they charge you under. That keeps them away from knowing your holding company owns the property. You do a rental agreement between the holding company and an imaginary individual. As long as they can't prove you were there at the property, and as long as they don't prove you own the holding company, which how we suggest it can be set up, creates enough smoke screen most of the time. The system as of today, is not very coordinated, between offices, they are reactive, and each office has separate records or contracts with you for the most part.

See Private Security section for how that side to things works.





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