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"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual pursuits."

We were founded to capture, inspire and teach the spirit of all the great leaders throughout history who have truly understood lawful freedom for all. History dies for your freedom, you just have to study and apply your freedom. History gave you the best deal possible.


We have been gifted by a private society, who did it all perfectly, the precise systems and global expertise, connections, resources etc. for the people to set themselves free today.


We have put together a perfect system, for all of you to use, to have maximum advantage. You always see people with what seem to be perfect lives. Now you can to.


We hope you enjoy your time with us. We know you will be amazed at what you learn. Trust in yourself.


Would you kill a child, rape a woman, starve millions? If you said no, then you are already a better leader, than what is leading most of the world today. Love and light, come win freedoms fight!




Our core values come from empowering our students, to have the most advantage that anyone can in life. To truly understand the world, the power structures within it, and how to make those power moves in life, your own.


We teach you much more than freedom. We teach how anyone can build any kind or size of wealth, from literally almost nothing. Yes tuition is needed, and each process step in the course takes a few dollars, but as you learn from what we know, you will have every advantage, every opportunity to make your life, and the lives of those you love or wish to help, anything you want it to be.




We honor all individuals and communities at this university. You will learn how the law, allows you to make your personal or community philosophies, into your own law. 


This ensures the freedom and diversity of all.

This is also why individuals must learn rights, as systems made by strangers such as democracy for example, strip diversity, as the majority can violate the minority. Natural Law, never allows anyone to unlawfully violate another. This is a key, to all diversity in the world, being free to live, within lawful standards of no harm to others.



Most will not need financial aid to attend.By the end of the second course, you have your society up, and it can make money to pay the rest of your tuition.

Free For Peace Maker Society Global Maximum Empowerment Sacred Freedom & Rights Membership.




Our history as a university is a new one. Our foundations were started by a private society, which was founded in 2009 for the sole purpose of teaching people how to have personal freedom, love, health and wealth in all ways.


AllRightsReservedUniversity.org is the dream come true to that beginning.

This is how freedom and maximum advantage, as well as those you know and love ruling your own standards law and community. Or you can stay in the existing systems, while you reserve all rights. Our history is built on proven results.



Historically, if any act, statute or law, goes against natural law, it is no longer law, but lawlessness.


The world for those who know history, is living in a dark time right now.

History has taught us, how to fix the world.

It will be up to you, our students, to do the work itself. 

You will shape history, with your Competent Heir Degree as you apply its knowledge.



The future of AllRightsReservedUniversity.org is to create world leaders. To make those with a little or a lot to start with, into people who run empires the right way, so the world can live on in health, as can the animals and mankind as a whole.


Only when all legality and law, adhere to Natural Law standards, can peace ever exist.

Our future is to get the world to understand the meaning to the words they use.

To get those who were trained to be poor, in time, health, love and wealth how to have it all.

To teach the world how the current unlawful legal rules of the world work, and how to beat them with actual law.

To teach all how to get out of all unlawful debt.

To teach all, how to operate in private law and legality, without giving up rights etc.

To make the world free, and to help the people, use law to hold unlawful corporations posing as government’s accountable one agent at a time.

To make people, families communities globally, as free, as they can make themselves.

We are setting the foundations for global freedom, every day, every student.

You are our success, future and global hope for freedom, as soon as you live freedom, which you get the knowhow, as you graduate from AllRightsReservedUnviersity.org