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Competent Heir Degree Diploma and Certificate Course


Academics and Credibility

Hello, and welcome to the new world! Most students ask themselves before they enroll with us, "How credible is the Competent Heir Degree Course?" Our answer is below, in a story.


When the private society who gifted us this information to start, they were Unregistered, Unincorporated and new. They were not sure how they would be taken seriously or credibly. With no licenses, no permission or accreditation from any group, how would they be taken seriously as a credible organization.

In 2010, when they were doing an interview for the University of Winnipeg radio station, they met the news director at the time, Geoffrey Young, who at the time was running C.C.R.P. (Canadian Communication Relief Project). He was in his early 20's, very brilliant, spoke quickly, etc. He was a young man going into disaster areas to set up cell phone towers (as they went to Haiti after earthquake and to New Orleans following hurricane Katrina). We asked Geoffrey how he gets people to listen to him and take him seriously. Basically, how was he so credible in his work. His answer was genius.


"If you do the work, you are credible!" The Private Society from that day on, launched real initiatives and recorded all results. This is what we teach you.


As you literally do each step, as part of that portion of the Competent Heir Degree, your results are your credibility. If you can prove you did it, you can prove you are credible! The rest is popularity.

We get into the popularity side of things in the branding section of the course. You will study our private society results, for your own use, through's Competent Heir Degree.


As you receive only proven results from us, and as you complete each course section, you achieve your own results. As results are credibility, we are 100% credible, and you can rely on our knowledge for your success.


Competent Heir Referenced in the 1925 Administration of Estates Act


Applies Globally As Natural Law In Foundation 

The Competent Heir Degree program makes any man or woman who graduates competent to run their own family or community wealth, law, resources, community programs that help and protect all you love.

By the end of the second course section, you have founded your society, and it can make money.
You learn and use due process in reality in this course. You learn by actually doing each step, and when you complete each task in reality you move onto the next step of the course. When you are done all steps and graduate, you will be competent to do the following:

  • You now claim personal rights in law and legality so you can use both at once

  • You now get you or anyone, out of any legal debt you wish

  • You now use privacy so no strangers, including government, know what assets you have,  where you live, or what you make

  • You now earn a non-taxable living. No More Income Tax

  • You will now be able to charge people money who violate you

  • You know how to lien property of those who owe you money

  • You know how to reserve All Rights in contracts in or out of the legal system

  • You know how money, law, rights and healthy community work

  • You know how to prove fraud or validity in any contract

  • You know how to use banking administrative process to defuse all legal debt

  • Gain access to The Unincorporated Economy. Visit website link at the bottom of this page for full details.

Freedom, Money, Community and Unregistered Unincorporated Rights. How To Be Competent To Run All Areas Of Your Life, Community Or Any Project. Join Our Facebook Page, Invite Your Friends!

See links at bottom of this page.

Applying Your Knowledge

Most really rich people - billionaire club people - would never teach the public at large how things really work in wealth, law or how you use your time. If they would teach you, most don't have the time.


For those who have enrolled, and graduated, or are doing the course as of now, you are who will enjoy the maximum advantage in life going forward in all ways. The best information, the best systems, the best use of time, and the best ways to make money. It's not as hard as people are taught. It’s only hard if you do things in the way most are taught by the PH.D. School system. 

Private rights equal wealth in all ways: time, love, health and wealth. Enjoy this reality! It's yours when you graduate, as long as you apply what we teach, how we teach you to, and do it of course.

Claim Rights

3 Letters / 50 Days

Personal Oath

Self-Governing Identity Documents

Unincorporated Major Bank Account

All Rights Reserved Every Time You Sign Anything

Being A Chief Justice

Enforce Your Own Society Law

Build Wealth

Use New Knowledge To Make Big $$$

Letter To Be Tax Free and Debt Free

Manifest Your Reality and Freedom

Retire In 2-5 Years  - or Not, As It's So Fun!

Enjoy Your Freedom

No Boss Anymore - You're A Boss Now

Never Get Fired - Popular Or Not

No Money Troubles

Complete Privacy and Safety

Time Is Your Own In Every Way

Competent Heir Degree Equals Success In Time, Love, Health and Wealth

Private Law Firm.

When you graduate with your degree. You will be competent to open a form of advocate law firm. Big $$$

Private Community Courts

When you graduate with your degree, you will know how to open competent law jurisdiction courts. 

Being a Chief Justice

Once you open up a Society, you are the Chief Justice of your Society Law.

Legal Immunity

When you graduate with your degree, you will have legal immunity from the legal system, as long as you cause no harm. No more Income tax, etc.

All Rights Reserved

Legally exercise lawful rights. Keep all your rights reserved in all contracts. [Ref by: UCC 1-308]

RESULTS Over 15 Years

Enroll Now!

03 / New Reality - No More Hiding Who You Truly Are. Your Belief Is Now Your Law!

Earned Equality - You Did It!

Those who graduate with an Competent Heir Degree will automatically be granted access to the Unincorporated Economy & be an equal no matter what you start off as in life before this course.


Equals do not ask permission. They use due process to Notice other equals, and claim rights without harm, then they do it. This is who you are, when you graduate. A Boss. Of Your Own Self! Direct Taxation Labor is the definition of Slavery. If your labor/earnings are being taxed, you are a slave in fact.

 Free your mind, finances and self. 

Respect - You Run Things Now!

Once you understand and have done each step of our Competent Heir Degree Course, you will be able to bill anyone who violates your rights/personal philosophies you have made your own law. Or if they use incorrect legal process against your rights.


You now have full advantage to use the legal system any way you wish lawfully, as well as to have legal immunity from it, as it's all corporate contract. We make you correct to Corporate Law, Common Law, Commerce Law & your own Personal Law, expressed through your own claim of rights, or your own society/empire.

You Win - Your Dreams Come True!

No one is better or smarter than you. If you want to achieve what they did, use your time as they do, and you will win.


The next step is to understand, nothing is ever ideal, you must start now! Then you make it ideal.


When you graduate as a Competent Heir with our Degree to prove you did the steps required. You are now a king or queen in the world. You are now free to manifest the world as you see fit, without harming others of course. You have real power in law, to change or fix anything you wish. To the extent law and the rights of others allow. This is true freedom, wealth and how anyone can make their dreams come true!

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