Private Rights Under Attack By Corporations Pretending To Be Governments! (Current News/Soft Launch Spring, full launch fall)

It turns out, what most people think of as Governments, are actually corporations pretending to be a government. No corporation can be a Government, as they are limited liability. Governments to be lawful, must be fully liable. Learn how this one fact changes your life, to govern yourself. Stop letting strangers who don't know you, create your laws. You are your own law, when you claim rights correctly. That is how you generate real family or empire wealth. Enroll today to start claiming your rights today! Curriculum Designed By Over 400 Experts, Many With Masters Degrees. 

Peace Maker Society Empire gifted the Competent Heir Degree Course to got the results and credibility by collaborating with over 400 experts.


These were people at the top of their field for over 20 years, or had masters degrees, or ran NGO'S globally for years. This cost them millions of dollars in money, time, labor etc. 


We are so proud to offer all this knowledge & proven results to our students, for so little financial investment. Those who want to be leaders, MUST have this education. As it is the foundation and superior in our minds, to the PH.D. Education system, which can always strip ones right to earn a living, as you need a license. Equals as we teach, need no permission or license, they use due process to notice, then do it. Cause no harm, that’s it. No one can stop you lawfully from any lawful act.

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Advocate Graduate - Saves Family From CFS.


One of the experts who assisted in the design of the Competent Heir Degree Course, was successful in helping a man who called, get Child & Family Services to leave him alone.


There was no harm to the child, so our expert stated they would bill the agent ten thousand dollars if she did not leave the man's home who called. She left so fast. No Harm equals No Crime in law. Legality is not law. Enroll in to learn how all this, applies to you today!



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No More Income Tax

How To Stand Up In Law 

When Attacked By Incompetent Security or Police Services

How To Be A Literal King/Queen

Unalienable Rights - What They Are