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Welcome To Your Competent Heir Degree Course!!!

You Are About To Learn Everything Needed To Competently Exercise Your Lawful Rights!

What Is The Value Of The Competent Heir Degree

  • Break free from government contracts and the corporate slavery matrix

  • 15 years of experience and results

  • Gets your Title back for your Self, kids, car and house

  • Establish your own law

  • Sovereign Identity document

  • Templates for Independent Contractor Agreement

  • No need to "exit" the matrix, close bank accounts, rescind ID, etc...

  • Maintain all your rights when you enter into contract with government

  • Freedom and Rights reinstated

  • Travel Rights

  • No license required for any lawful act

  • No more enemies to fight

  • Debt response letter dissolves most legal debts

  • Anything a business or government can do you can run as a Society Program

  • Society "income" pays no income tax

  • Society can act as a trust to pass on inter-generational wealth

  • Hiring a law firm to open a non-governmental organization account costs up to $80,000

  • Access the Your Freedom Your Way How To Rights Package

  • Get access to Entrepreneurial Coaching, including Branding, Admin, Sales, Sovereign Bank Account

  • Mastermind group governance

  • Access to an Unregistered and Unincorporated free market economy

  • Help Mankind / Womankind achieve critical mass universal freedom and prosperity


* Will I still be a permanent resident / citizen of Canada?

You are not giving up anything. Private Law is the foundation to corporate law. You now operate under private law with All Rights Reserved when entering legal contacts.  You keep all your rights intact when using the legal privilege system.

* What will be the ID that I will have to possess to travel by land, air, water?

Sovereign identity document OR regular government-issued ID or permanent resident; or both.


* Is this multi-level marketing?

No. It takes 6 people to found the society: three founders and three witnesses. Membership, if you choose to have it, is like a gym membership. People will get membership to access your programs, merchandise, services, or to be protected by your Society Law. There are no levels.

* Is this legal?

It is legally recognized. Private law is a superior process to legal code. It is correct to corporate law, natural law, and common law. Unincorporated birth rights are your sovereignty and superior jurisdiction to anything corporate. Nobody can legally force incorporation or registration on an informed man or woman.

* Will I be able to obtain a mortgage or loan?

Yes. Of course, you will still have to build up your Society's credit rating. You could potentially have a co-signor.

* Can I get a credit card?

Yes. But it will be a secure credit card.

* What are the restrictions?

You may not obtain insurance with this kind of society. However, you can create a holding company through which you can purchase insurance. Must not cause harm to Life, Liberty, Property or Rights. No fraud in contract.

* How do I avoid income tax with this type of bank account?

Unregistered and Unincorporated Societies are not corporate and by definition are non-taxable.

* Will I be covered by Health Canada Insurance?

Yes, because you have not given up any legal privileges. You now also have private law and all your rights reserved when dealing with them.

* Do I still have to hold a valid driver's license?

Technically no however, should you desire freedom from police harassment, yes keep your driver's license, and Insurance, with All Rights Reserved under your Society Law.

* Can I get insurance

Not for property that you hold title to through or under your sovereign society. You may create a holding company to insure property through the corporate side of the system. You can still lay claim of right on property held under a holding company.

* Do I have to pay taxes for any purchases or services that I pay for?

A tax exemption is established in your society paperwork. You gain tax exempt status under Indigenous Law. But you have to fill out a form at each store or business and make arrangements with them to accept your tax exempt status.

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