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Starting your own society, really is the best way to fight back, it makes you equal to them in law, and you can do your own remedy, up to and including your own courts etc.

It is all just contract law, you are not dealing with any government.

Just remind them always you are operating with all rights reserved, and you are happy to civil litigate, or private bill anyone who violates your rights. If you do that, you can always review later, what you should bill them for.


Orders equal bills, once you have your paperwork in place.

If you need help sooner we can help as an investment firm. Through Freedom Tune-Up Wealth Management Firm. Just let us know, which way, works best for you. If you have time to study/graduate or if you need your society up right away with the help of Freedom Tune-Up Wealth Management Firm.


From An Individuals Perspective - Why To Enroll:

What Politicians Think When They Smile!
Think of every politician’s smile as you read this…
Both Canada and the U.S.A. and all nations with birth certificates, a national debt and legal tender/central bank define their citizens the same way…
Citizens are collateral on the national debt.
Below are excerpts from historically documented memoirs between President Woodrow Wilson (1913 to 1921) and Colonel Edward Mandell House. It applies to you, your friends, kids, parents, everyone in Canada!
“...they will be our chattels (property) by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (Birth Certificate) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights…”
“This is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debts to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges…”
“...leave every American a contributor to this fraud, which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope…”
Our mission is also to educate the masses.

From A Families Perspective - Why To Enroll:
How Much Would Paying NO INCOME TAX EVER AGAIN Help Your Family & Finances?

Here is an interesting tid bit of knowledge for you.

Did you know that gifts between independents are non-taxable? So if you set up the way you earn your living, the contracts, to use this kind of language, along with some other details, makes you income tax free. Also, direct taxation on labor is the definition of slavery. No, to those who think income tax stays in the nation and goes to programs, it does not, programs are generated from excise taxes. Gambling tax for hospitals, gas tax for roads etc. Lord Nelson Case Law 1950 supports this fact, as the supreme court of Canada ordered Canada Inc. to abolish income tax within twelve years. Canada Inc. then mass mailed social insurance numbers, as they are to your corporate citizen account if you will, to voluntarily pay this corporation pretending to be government tax. Same thing in the U.S.A. and any nation with a national debt with a central banking system and legal tender as currently. SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE. Sign up for Competent Heir Degree Course!

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From Business Owner Perspective - Why To Enroll:

Entrepreneurs and Businesses, Open your own society, and be tax free, for yourself and what you pay your staff. Also negates all staff liability so no insurance on staff needed, and you’re still not liable. 

From A Corporation Posing As Government Agent Perspective - Why To Enroll:

Enroll To Save Your Own Butt. You Can Do Your Job Lawfully - Not Be Personally Liable.


Citizenship/Slavery Process OR Freedom/Due Process of Equals
They Make You, Your Property, Your Rights - A LITERAL SLAVE
ANYTHING You Register, House, Car, Kids, Voting Means You Pledge To Abandon Title To It. Canada Inc. went bankrupt in 1933. Why Citizens & Your Property Were Enslaved.
Reference: Hypothecate, (Black’s Law Dictionary 7th edition definition – To Pledge (Property) as security or collateral for a debt, without delivery of title or possession. )
There is no longer a gold standard backing money, legal tender is issued, as your property, house, car & kids are pledged for CANADA INC. Corporate Debt. When it defaults, they take your property at that time. 
1950 Lord Nelson Case Law – Supreme Court Of Canada Ruled – Income Tax To Be Abolished Within 12 Years As Direct Taxation On Labor Definition Of Slavery. Canada Inc Mass Mailed Social Insurance Numbers, as by 1962 they redefined it as a voluntary corporate tax. It may interest you to know, Income Tax DOES NOT stay in the nation. Excise Taxes Pay For Services. Gas Tax for Roads. Gambling Taxes For Hospitals Etc. Politicians & The Crown & Canada Inc., ARE ALL CORPORATIONS. Clear Field Doctrine Case Law Proves No Corporation Can Be A Government, Corporations Are Limited Liability Hence Commercially Incompetent, A Government Must Be Fully Liable, Hence Commercially Competent. You Can Direct Private Bill Any Corporate Agent For Fraud, Who Does Not Understand This Truth. Our Website Teaches You For Free. Free Freedom Tune-Up!
Proof You Are An Owned Slave: 1985 Canadian Ownership Control & Determination Act. Birth Certificates Strip Parents of Title, Bond Children for Millions on International Stock Exchanges.
CANADA, Is In Fact A Corporation. Business Address Is Located In Washington D.C. U.S.A. At The Canadian Embassy on Massachusetts Ave in Washington. D.C. Traded on Dunn and Bradstreet. Just search CANADA INC. Or go to our website for the link, search our sub-headings. Proof Canada Is A Corporation. THIS NOTICE provided by Private Law Firm

From A Legitimate Government Perspective - Why To Enroll: 

How To Measure Credibility Lesson:
When the society which we base our teachings from their results, was still in its first year, they were doing good work, getting recognition, but those who were unsure would sometimes call them a scam, or those they offended somehow.


They worked with Geoffrey Young who was News Director of U of W radio station at the time, as well as a founder of C.C.R.P. Canadian Communication Relief Project. They went to Hurricane Katrina, the area hit by that hurricane to set up cell phone towers to help people fix things, find each other etc. It’s a recognized organization, yet Geoffrey was young, very much a genius, spoke quickly.


A founder asked him, how you get people to take you seriously, when you are so young, so intelligent, speak quickly etc. He had the most brilliant answer, he simply said, IF YOU DO THE WORK, YOU ARE CREDIBLE!


This plus exceeding due diligence standards and ensuring no harm, are a key to how to exist, without licencing or permission of others of any kind. We are how you have freedom, no one can take from you lawfully, as long as you operate lawfully.

The lesson here is, if you do the work, and record it, you don't have to be popular necessarily, to be credible. Cause no harm, record your results as proof, and no one can stop you. Freedom like rain, doesn't care what anyone thinks of it, it just falls, where the right elements exist. We give you the mental, social, financial lessons, to set you free. Study the complete video playlist we use in the Competent Heir Degree Course on YouTube for free. SEARCH: Peace Maker Society Original Live Video Content Playlist.


From Those Who Say Everything Should Be Free/No Money/Love Only Perspective - Why To Enroll:


Study the complete video playlist we use in the Competent Heir Degree Course on YouTube for free. SEARCH: Peace Maker Society Original Live Video Content Playlist. Then when you have some money, get your own Competent Heir Degree from

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WE PROUDLY SUPPORT THE MESSAGE WITH IN THIS SONG. We Teach You What The PH.D. System DOES NOT, Deliberately. The Current PH.D. The Public Fool System, Lies To You. Equals Need No License To Work. Results Are Credibility. We Teach You What Matters The Most!

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