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Results Over 15 Years

Private Law Firm
Competent to open a form of advocate law firm. Big $$$
Private Community Courts
Know how to open competent law jurisdiction courts
Being a Chief Justice
Once you open up a Society, you are the Chief Justice of your Society Law
Legal Immunity
Have legal immunity from the statutory legal system, as long as you cause no harm. No more income tax, etc
All Rights Reserved
Legally exercise lawful rights
Keep all your rights in all contracts
Referenced by UCC 1-308

All Rights Reserved University Funding


The vision for this university is to be independent, unregistered and unincorporated. With that goal in mind, we are a Gift for Gift University. Both our students, as well as members of the public at large, gift to us, and we give back in many ways.


To students, they give a gift to attend our Competent Heir Degree program. They get back being empowered with complete understanding of their own rights, which are also everyone's rights.


To the public, they gift to us, out of the goodness of their hearts. Those who give know that freedom is under attack on a global scale. Individual claiming of rights, and strong communities is the best hope to keep freedom and your rights alive. In turn we can refer them to any information they need to empower themselves in almost any and all situations.


Our administrators, staff, teachers and freedom lover’s worldwide, thank you every time you give a financial gift.

How & Why You Earn A Great Living With Your Competent Heir Degree


For those who graduate and go out into the world with our/their Competent Heir Degree, the world looks new and exciting.


Each section of the course for the Competent Heir Degree is doing the actual step in reality. Altering our templates for yourself, sending the proper letters to the proper offices to claim your rights. Then you get id documents, bank accounts etc. Then you develop your success through how you use your time, love, health and wealth.


Once you are a competent heir, you will have a better life, better community, and happier times.


With Your Success We Both Win

Part of why our tuition fee's/min gifts are so low, is due to our graduates. Each society which graduates from gifts back to the university a small percentage of their total gifts earned. In this way, our university always acts as backup or help, to our students once they have our degree.


For those who wish, although it is voluntary and not required, may join our association of independent societies. Think an unincorporated version, of the chamber of commerce, exempt to create community, rather than businesses.


Please give to us as often as you can. If you need more money in life to do that, ask us how to get it.

Sometimes it's about earning more, other times it's about not having to pay unlawful debts or taxes etc.


We thank you all, for understanding, money is energy, to make change. Thank you for your gifts of energy, so we can teach others, how to make lawful, peaceful, freedom change possible globally.

Politicians, ensure slavery, never freedom, within the corporate statehood systems we have seen to date.

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